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This is intended to serve as a comprehensive database of "revolutionary" political organizations worldwide. Currently functional aspects include searching an index of parties by country of operation. More functions to come soon.

Note: As well as the website itself being under heavy constuction, the database is quite dated (originally pulled from acknowledged source which appears to have been last updated sometime in 2006). Many parties listed have likely merged, dissolved, or changed names. Also, many newer parties are not listed. Mass exoduses from old webhosting services have also left many of the site links defunct. (You can potentially see if web.archive.org has an archived copy, perhaps with details about migration.) If you would like a party to be added, information to be updated, or incorrect information to be corrected, please email me your inquiry (see: Contact).


A big thank you to the old database at broadleft.org for inspiring this project and providing a great starting point for the data.

This wesbsite is still in the early stages of contruction (Sept. 2018)